The First Post

This is the first post!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while, but have kept delaying it in some quest for a perfect name, perfect theme, perfect x, y, and z. Well, if I keep waiting for that – the blog will never be a reality. So, the startling revelation that ‘hey, things don’t have to be perfect’  hit me, and I decided to just start the blog already.

I’m really finding my way through this. I know I like reading, writing, exploring recipes, exploring passions, etc. I’ve hit a huge rock-bottom in my physical health and right now I’m committed to a peaceful journey in 2011. This journey will mean a short daily walk + effort at meditation. I’m committing myself to absolute stillness. Therefore, I need to find more. I need to find other things that will absolutely captivate me.

If you love books, chatting, big mugs of comfort, and finding peace, then great. I truly hope you’ll follow along.  My goal is to be real, silly, serious, positive, and optimistic.

Okay, time to go seek you guys out and enter into this blogging world.